Interactive Search Partners, Inc.
Specialized services for Companies:

Our process includes the following four steps:

Step 1 - Understanding your needs!
We invest the time to fully understand a client's business, corporate culture and specific hiring needs.

Step 2 - Profile of the desired candidate!
We create a profile of your desired candidate tailored to your specific needs.  We cover educational background, job history, salary history and requirements, specific technical skills, and corporate cultural requirements.  This ensures that we produce only top qualified candidates.

Step 3 - Where do we find the right candidate!
Many of our candidates come from extensive Networking within the technology industry.  We also source candidates from other organizations.  This also includes extensive screening and interviewing so that you receive only the most qualified and interested candidates.

Step 4 - Owning the process!
Our role is very interactive and includes all areas of search, from sourcing, screening, interviewing, selling, offer generation, negotiating and closing candidates.
Specialized services for Candidate's:

Our process includes a "profile" approach of understanding your specific background, experience and career interests.  We take the time to fully understand the type of opportunity that you would describe as your "ideal" job or company, or corporate culture.
Interactive Search Partners, Inc.